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Discover the comfort of seamless, hassle-free transactions with our digital wallet application. Make every transfer with a breeze thanks to effortless navigation and intuitive, user-centric design. With high security, encryption and ease of use we prioritize your peace of mind.

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What we’re all about

Money Magic, Sorted

Use our tracking features in a way that fits you best. Karty allows you to set monthly budgets, and track your expenses on different categories.

Split Bills Made Easy

Sharing experiences with your friends has never been so easy - with Karty you can easily split bills between all participants.

Send Money, Zero Cost

Transfer fees are a thing of the past - send money to other Karty members without fear of additional charges.

Our story

Karty team consists of professionals of all ages and experiences. What we share, though, is the need to innovate and make our lives better and easier. And some bad memories related to very formal banking and money management ;)

That is why Karty happened - to make financial independence easier, more reliable and quicker! Transferring money to family members instantly, attractive design that makes navigating easy for people of all ages.

"Instant, hassle-free money transfers?

Convenient transactions tracking? Stress-free navigation?"

And just like that.

Karty happened.


But why use Karty?

Your Security’s our priority

Your sensitive information is protected by best cyber security solutions, and all of your transactions are end-to-end encrypted.

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We're not just another app; we're your sidekicks in money matters.

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